People are center of every project we work on!
We work harmony of innovation and art.
  • Innovation & Art

    We're not just engineering, we're making art. We use engineering to make our work useful to society and art to appeal to emotions. That's what makes us successful.

  • Community

    Manc is a community of ambitious people with many different backgrounds and disciplines. Our team consists of carefully selected, determined people to succeed. Each one is special to us. Manc creates a free workspace for his team. Comfortable workspaces reveal a relaxed and productive mindset.

  • Effect

    We bring millions into our family by offering people products they will love. Millions of people who use our products to join our gaming community are increasing our team's determination to work by giving Manc unpredictable motivation.

Our Story

Manc was founded in Istanbul in 2019 in order to offer the world products that are enjoyable to consume. We have laid solid foundations to be a huge team on this path that we have set out with determination to grow globally. A team of the best makes the best products...

Our goal at Manc is to teach tomorrow's young people how to produce while presenting what we produce to the community today.

We chose mobile games to make this dream come true. Games are universal events that exceed the limits of race, gender or age. With a good product, we can reach billions of people around the world and produce common values. Bringing people together with the products we produce is our motivation.


Manc has found a great response in the community with its “Okey Muhabbet” game, which was released after starting work in 2019. Downloaded millions of times, the game allowed the Manc team to work with confidence and develop new games. Then, with the “101 Muhabbet” game, it made a much wider impact, making a successful debut and attracting the attention of many investors.


Growth occurs only in bold steps. To move forward without fear of making mistakes, to experiment and never give up. Our team has been working with determination since the formation of our company. Every success has all the experience that's been learned behind it. That's what keeps Manc strong!

Manc is Turkey's fastest growing gaming initiative. We have a young, imaginative staff. We are moving step by step towards our goal. We have a great team that likes to explore, that's open to learning. This team has already accomplished a lot of things that seem difficult.
We Work For Reaching Our Dreams
How We Work

At Manc, there's room for anyone who's inclined to teamwork, open to development and has a dream. We especially love teammates who are young and want to improve themselves.

Be a Part of Success

Manc creates products that make the community's life easier and allow them to have fun. We are aware that our work is not only about engineering, we also perform art by creating great designs. Our team loves art and engineering in these two fields that constantly change and beautify the world. We're artists and we make people's lives enjoyable.

This team has already done a great job. Think about what you can accomplish by being with us on this journey.

Life at Manc

We know that difficult goals can be achieved through teamwork. We dream as a team, we produce as a team. Every project is an experience for us; We work together, we learn together. This is also an academy.

Do What You Love and Create the Best

We're thinking about all the details so you can do your job well. It's a comfortable place and we take care of the small details that will increase your motivation.

We Care About Your Nutrition

We are aware of how important it is to eat properly for a productive mind. Your health is precious to us. We have a great kitchen for you to eat healthily. We even make a special menu for dieters every day. Like we said, we have all the details.

We meet our team at great events

We're not only working together, we're having fun together, we're planning great events, we're having a good time as a team. These events have a direct impact on our production. Our team looks forward to every day of events.

Choose Your Own Equipment

We give you the freedom to choose the software and hardware you will use to make a quality production. We know that all these little details will allow you to work with pleasure and love your work. Whether you use a Mac or a PC, it doesn't matter to us. Choose what's right for you to develop and improve.

Ready to join us?